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Tips To Score A Marketing Touchdown from Icon Shop BD

A lot of our customers are excited for the launch of the regular season with discouting promotional items from icon shop.  There are some tips to score A Marketing Touchdown.

Launch a selfie contest
You could launch a selfie contest by asking customers to do the gear of their favorite teams and send in their pictures. They could upload their selfies on your company’s social media pages or share them via email. Announce prizes well in advance to ensure more participation. If you are not keen on a selfie contest, you could opt for a Simple Trivia Contest. Personalize any of our exciting tees and distribute them as giveaways. Some options include the Gildan® – Ultra Cotton® T-Shirt (Color), Port & Company® Long Sleeve Performance Blend Tee (Color), and Port & Company® – Core Blend Tee (Color).

Launch a prediction contest
A prediction contest will keep your target audience on their toes and make your marketing campaign a lot more interesting. Encourage participants to predict eventual winners for the Super Bowl. This contest can build excitement towards your brand and help the customer associate your brand with the Super Bowl. Give out exciting prizes for winners.

Organize a community football festival
You could partner with other local businesses to organize a community football festival that brings together players from the junior league. The event could be held just in time for the Super Bowl, attracting fans and the public in hordes.

Leverage the power of direct mail
You could design a postcard with a message in the local football team’s color to add a new dimension to your branding efforts. Adding a discount code, brochure or a free gift will serve as the icing on the cake. Postcards 4 x 6 is an example of a custom printed post card in our inventory.

Distribute football-themed promotional products
You will never go wrong with our range of giveaways! They are inexpensive yet high on quality, providing you with an exciting launch to your marketing efforts. Opt for giveaways such as the Football Stress Reliever, 7″ Mini Vinyl Footballs, Football Rocket, Football Sunglasses, Football Themed Magnets or the 7″ Two-Toned Foam Football.

We hope these ideas take your marketing efforts to dizzying heights. Contact us at or +8801793565654 for more football-themed marketing ideas!