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5 Reasons Why Icon Shop's Promotional Items are Hit!

We’re in the midst of another year and it’s the beginning of the items season! Icon Shop is taking orders for 2022 items and icon Shop has an exciting line-up of Items for you.

Promotional Items are hugely popular – it’s difficult to find office without a promotional item. A few years ago, an ASI study revealed that 29% of consumers own promotional Items. 76% of these correspondents said they display the items in prominent locations in their office or home. This provides extra brand exposure for your business.

Every year, a large and faithful group of shoppers purchase our colorful items that are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. What makes them come back and purchase our items year after year? In this article, we explore 6 reasons why our promotional Items are big hit!

Icon Shop has promotional items for every setting: When most people think of promotional Item, they first think of unique items. We also have the following varieties:

Stick-Up & Magnetic Items: These are small items that are ideal for mailings. Examples include Picture Frame with Items Magnet, Items House Magnet and Large Magnetic Items.
Weekly & Monthly Planners: These items help your target audience stay organized! Examples include: Translucent Monthly Pocket Planner, Lafayette Monthly Planner and Adult Coloring Book Planner – Academic.

Items Greeting Cards: This item can be distributed throughout the year! An example is the 4-Color Wallet Card Items
Our items are easy to distribute: A lot of our items are compact and can be easily mailed out to customers, employees and potential business contacts. They are also easy to distribute at workplaces.

Our items are inspiring: We have got some really good-looking items that can inspire recipients. These items can do a great job of bringing a smile on faces, inspiring passersby to do their best every day! Examples include Motivations Stapled Items, Eternal Word – Spiral Items, Wildlife Wall Items – Spiral, and Gardens Wall Items – Spiral.
Our items provide year-long advertising: This is probably the #1 reason why you should go for our items. Our items are high-quality and won’t be discarded soon. Count on them being used for a year and beyond!

Icon Shop items offer amazing ROI: Most of our items are extremely-low priced. Examples include Weather Watchers Wall Items, Wildlife Portraits Spiral Items and Muscle Thunder Items. Very few promotional products offer this kind of ROI for a marketing campaign that has the potential to offer advertising 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and beyond! The brand referrals achieved through our items must be seen to be believed!

Remember that your business won’t be the only one investing in items as giveaways. It’s important to have a head start and place your order before others do. This adds to the novelty factor brought in by your personalized items. Be an early bird and place your order soon or get in touch with us and we’ll help you pick the right items for your branding requirement.